Services We Provide
Engineering Services
The Engineering Service Group provides a wide variety of engineering
support services to government and commercial customers. QCI's
engineering expertise includes: electronic system design, system testing
and integration, and engineering software simulation.
Information Technology Solutions
QCI provide you with a wide range of expertise tailored to meet your needs
during the entire life cycle of your project. From System Architecture, Key
Team Leadership, and Technical Advisement, to designing, programming,
implementing or  maintaining your system, we satisfy your project needs.
Staffing Solutions
QCI offers a full spectrum of services to meet our customers’ technology
needs.  We bridge people and technology together. Our core belief is to
provide employees with an environment that is challenging as well as
rewarding.  As an entrepreneurial corporation, we are guided by ethical
business principles supported by practical experience.
Bio Tech
Manufacturing Out-Souring Solutions
QCI is far more than a sourcing organization, which is what creates the
potential for real impact.  QCI has years of direct experience and
relationships with the Chinese auto industry.  Our team-China is
comprised of managers, engineers, financial professionals, and quality
assurance professionals.  We have developed a thorough evaluative
process for identifying and qualifying potential suppliers to make sure that
they can and will meet any of our customer's standards on price, quality,
delivery and flexibility.  Our Chinese team is complemented by a US team
that also has strong auto industry experience and a list of satisfied
corporate clients in the US.
Supplier Sourcing in China
QCI team in China is working very hard to ensure,
       1) our suppliers understand well not just the products required from
the customers also the cultural background associated with the products
they are producing.
       2) the communication with QCI US team flawless which is the
foundation of having the best supplier for the product to be made.